Utility Pole Industry

Wood Care Systems provides Bor8 Rods and Scotty Replugs to the utility pole market. Here, you will find information about the effectiveness of both the products.

Supplemental Borate Treatment for Utility Poles

Bor8 Rods can be installed before or after the wood has been pressure treated. They can be used as a borate source for dual treatment in critical zones like the ground line and pole top.


Bor8 Rods will stop the existing rot and prevent its return for at least ten years. Most poles can be treated with 3 or 4 rods. When the internal moisture content increases to 25% or higher, Bor8 Rods begin to dissolve, releasing boron which diffuses into the surrounding wood


If termites eat wood treated with boron, they die. If boron comes in contact with decay fungus, the fungus dies.Bor8 Rods are no more toxic to humans than ordinary table salt and do not require a pesticide applicators license.

They can be used as a preventative treatment when wood is first put into service or as a supplemental treatment after the decay has occurred.

View the Utility Brochure for more information. 

Bor8 Rod Brochure for Utility Poles (pdf)


Scotty Replugs

Scotty Replugs is the industry standard for Reusable Plastic Plugs for pole maintenance. Unlike other plugs, the Scotty Replugs are made from 100% pure virgin polymers, not recycled plastics. That makes them much stronger and genuinely reusable as they will not warp, bend or deform due to usage or removal. They can be removed and reused over half a dozen times!

Scotty Replugs are used to seal inspection and treatment holes in wooden utility poles, bridge timbers and anywhere that re-treatment and future inspection is expected. 

Wood plugs have to be drilled out, which increases the diameter of the hole so that a new replacement plug does not provide a good enough seal. Scotty Replugs eliminate the need to drill additional holes since existing holes can be accessed by the removal and reuse. 

Scotty Replugs are especially useful when internal fumigants are used as preservatives, since they seal the fumigants in much better, because of the lack of a steep taper and a flexible thread design which allows for larger contact area between the plug and the wood.

Scotty Replugs come in black, yellow or white for easy identification in places like utility poles, bridges, fence lines, marinas or docks. While they are threaded, Replugs are designed to be installed with a hammer blow. A large slot screwdriver or star drill is used to remove them. Over 30 million Scotty Replugs are currently in use throughout the World.